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* We would like to wish all of our customers a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Opening hours for christmas is: 23,24,25,26 of december we're closed. Open on the 27,28 and 29th. Closed the 30th, 31st and 1st. Open as usual from the 2nd of jan *


Molten gold swirled in a finely cut tumbler, whisky is a beautiful evening downer. Take a deep breath of the drink and anticipate the pleasure that you are about to experience. Have it neat and relish the warmth that spreads down your throat and the aftertaste that it leaves behind. Sit back and let the drink take over your mood, relish the warm internal glow, the smooth feeling against your innards. Savour thoughts of beautiful things and let go of perceptions and enjoy yourself as you refill the glass. The slight tingling that touches your feet and finger tips and the lightheadedness after a few downers are beautiful feelings. Have a great album playing in the background, dim lights, a friendly, warm atmosphere and you have the perfect recipe for a great time.

Whisky is loved all over the world because of its aromas and flavors. Whisky is a natural product and whisky making is a time-honored craft. For many people drinking whisky with friends is one of life's great pleasures. Drinking whisky is about pleasure as well as appreciation and there is no fine line between whiskies designed only for pleasure and whiskies designed only for appreciation. Enjoying a good whisky is a memorable experience, all sorts of fruity compounds evaporating off the whisky into the air and with it's aroma which is more of a "bouquet" than simply an aroma, because it's so complex, comprised of so many different, complementary aromas.

Here at The Whisky Bar, our aim is to create the perfect environment for you to enjoy such experiences as described above. With its enormous selection of whiskies, good food, elegant decor, a cosy friendly atmosphere and great people, The Whisky Bar is the "Whisky Haven" you have been looking for in Oslo. You’ll find The Whisky Bar on Rådhusgata at the heart of Oslo’s evening scene. In the stretching shadows and fading dusk light of a summer evening or a cold, crisp winter night, The Whiskey Bar provides an atmosphere where liquid luxury meets perfect relaxation. So whether it's to celebrate a special occasion or just a simple search for a relaxing refuge, step inside and enjoy the experience!

And for the more experienced or curious we frequently hold whisky tastings and other events that are not to be missed, just check out our Events section regularly for updates!